Raintree Villas @ Lang Valley bringing you homes embraced by nature. Set amidst the cool comforts of hillside living, this new collection of homes sit on the fringes of Ipoh City, offering easy access to daily amenities and city offerings and conveniences. ideal setting... Backdropped against centuries old limestone hills, shrouded in lush flora and set amidst wide open spaces, Lang Valley homes offer peace of mind, heart and soul.

...offering homes of distinction... Raintree Villas are all about providing comfortable, cosy, and practical abodes of rest and relaxation. With classically modern lines and contemporary facades our two-storey semi-detached cluster homes bear the hallmarks of gracious lifestyle living in the heart of a bustling city. A niche development with only 4 exclusive units, these brand new homes will sit as neighbours with the long-established community of Lang Valley.

Modern Lifestyle

...that feature... Raintree Villas are value-for-money investments that are created to meet contemporary requirements. Embodying the modern lifestyle, quality features and fine finishing touches go a long way towards comfort, style and elegance while being real and practical.

...specially selected clay tiles will provide better heat insulation... large expanses of doors and glass windows will invite natural lighting and air flow... well -thought out designs will provide space and comfort.

 These are houses that WELCOME YOU HOME !



*Photos for illustration purpose only.
( Actual design and built-up refer to architectural drawings )